Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum-Summertime!

It's summertime and you'll be going on vacation soon. So when you go on vacation, how many lights are you going to leave on in your home? The front porch light and the foyer lights? Maybe the kitchen light and a bedroom light? And why do we always leave lights on when we go on vacation? to give the appearance that someone's always home? To discourace would-be thieves from breaking in? Do you think your really fooling anyone?

Maybe you have one of those plug-in timers that are set to turn on a lamp at 6:00PM and go off at 11:00PM. At least with this setup you're not wasting as much electricity, but having the lights come on and off at the same time every day wont really fool anyone.

What if at the touch of a single button you could turn your home into "vacation mode" and all throughout the days while you are enjoying your vacation different lights are turning on and off at different times each day, automatically. What if while that's going on, music or your television also had the ability to turn on and then off at various times making the house "sound" like there is someone at home. this is a fairly simple solution that really makes it seem that someone is home.
Read below for other items that you should be thinking about to give you "peace of mind" while out of your home. Enjoy your vacation.

Control4 Lighting Control

Control4 lights are as simple as replacing your existing switches. No special wiring or plugs to worry about. Light switches and dimmers can easily be programmed to turn on or off at designated times. You can program lighting scenes that can be activiated from a remote control or touch screen.

Control4 dimmers are so smart that we can change the lighting intensity based on a specific time of day. Imagine in your kitchen not having the lights on at 100% during the day because of all of the natural light that you have, but over time as it gets dark outside the lights could automatically "ramp up". Would you think you would save on electricity? How about the life of the light bulb? Imagine how your electric bill would look if you took more control of your lights. A solution could quickly cost-justify itself.
Contract your sales rep for more information on adding light switches and
dimmers to your project.


Having the ability to see what's going on at home is such a pleasure while you are on vacation and can really provide you even more peace-of-mind. Adding video cameras is fairly simple with wireless IP. These cameras can be connected wirelessly to your network and accessed via the Control4 systems 4-Sight account. See exactly what's going on inside and outside of your home anytime! Contact your Smart Automation Solutions sales rep for more information on the different types of cameras available for your system.

Water Leakage Detection
Imagine being on vacation and coming back to find four feet of standing water in your home. It had happened and more often than you might think. Imagine how much money tou could have saved in repair costs if only you knew early on that there was a problem.

By installing the Card Access Water Leakage Detection kit to your Control4 system you could be notified of water leaks as they begin instead of being too late. Once the sensors detect water the system will immediately send you an email notifying you of the problem. Notify multiple people in your household or continuously receive messages until someone responds.

These devices can be installed next to hot water heaters, washing machines, sump pumps or anywhere a leak may occur. they are available in battery operated versions as well so they can be installed almost anywhere! Contact your Smart Automation Solutions sapes rep for more information.
Thanks for reading and we will continue to keep you updated with new technology and integration information!

Remember, Make Life Simple.
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Gary Flax
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