Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and for some, vacation time is just around the corner. Wouldn't it be great if while you are away your home gave the appearance that you were still there? Lights turning on and off at various times of the day, even music or televisions turning on and off at certain times as well.

Control4 gives you the ability to turn your home into "vacation" mode at the touch of a single button. Did you forget to turn vacation mode on before you left the house? No worries! From any internet connection or even from your Smartphone you can access your home and turn it on from wherever you are. Read about other capabilities available for your home in this month's update.

Water Leakage Detection

What if you left home for the day and came back only to find four feet of water in your basement? Sounds like a horror story to most of us, but believe it or not it's a true story and could have happened to anybody.

Card Access has a simple wireless device that can notify you in the event that you have water in various areas of the home. The Wireless Leakage Detector can be programmed to notify you by email or text at the first sign of water in an unwanted area of your home. Connected to a Control4 solution with lighting control, we can program your system to flash the lights in the event of a leak, or we can play a wave file through your home audio system telling you "you have a leak at the washing machine, you have a leak at the washing machine" until you address the problem.

Why wait until you have a problem. Get notified before it becomes a major issue.

Introducing Episode Speakers

Speaker technology hasn't changed very much in our lifetime. A design that produced good sound 40 years ago still produces good sound today. Quality materials, quality craftsmanship and a trained ear have always been the ingredients of a great speaker design.

What has changed - a lot - is how often we use the technology. Installing speakers in a wall or ceiling produces unique performance challenges. So do digital audio sources, seven channel home theater and whole-house audio.

When Jay Faison established Episode speakers after 10 years in the custom installation business, he invisioned a company that brought together high performance speaker technology with real-world experience. The result is a line of products that are designed from the outset to perform in your home...not a speaker laboratory.

In-ceiling, in-wall and home theater speakers are available in 6" and 8" varieties. Please call for more information.

TiVo Premiere Now Available

What is "TiVo"?
TiVo service automatically finds and digitally records your favorite TV shows every time they air, even if the network schedule changes, without the hassles of videotape.
You decide what's on when. Pause, rewind, instant replay, slo-motion live TV. Plus, never miss an episode again with automatic, digital recordings of your favorite shows-no tapes, no timers, no worries.

Main Why-to-Buys
-Never miss your favorite shows. Your TiVo box automatically finds and digitally records every episode, even if the schedule changes.
-Pause live TV - handle all of life's interruptions without missing your favorite shows.
-Fast-forward through the boring stuff and just watch what you want.
-Get more from your existing channel lineup, no matter how many channels you have, and enjoy what you're already paying for.
-Automatically find and record shows by actor, director, sports team and keyword
Record your favorite shows from anywhere you have Internet access with Online Scheduling.
-Take your favorite shows with you on your laptop or burn your favorites to DVD.

Thanks for reading and we will continue to keep you updated with new technology and integration information!

Remember, Make Life Simple.


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