Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey, Turn That Light Out!

So, this is my first ever blog, and I am really excited to get started! There are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to home automation and what is going on in the area and I can't wait to get the ball rolling. So here we go.

First, a little background on me and my company. Smart Automation Solutions evolved from a group of guys who are “way into” electronic toys and are always in the know of new technologies coming out even before they are introduced to the consumers (yes, we are electronics geeks!). Combined, we have over 75 years of consumer electronics experience, knowledge and know-how.

So, the story goes like this….the group of us have been visiting the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas together for the past several years. After the last few visits and after evaluating different smart-home technologies and manufacturers, We decided that the products and applications had come down to a reasonable price level that the average homeowner would now be able to take advantage of these great technologies without having to be a super rich dude. So we decided that it was time to go into business and created Smart Automation Solutions to educate consumers and to offer these technologies to homeowners across the country.

There are several companies in the DC Metro area that sell similar solutions to ours. Most of these companies are marketing to the "home theater" folks. You know, those people that have the large projection televisions and theater seating in their basements or rec rooms that spent thousands of dollars on their system. Not a bad market to go to, but most of these stores are only concerned with the size of the television being purchased and how much they will make on the installation. Our approach is very different....

We want to help homeowners to MAKE LIFE SIMPLE. And we know we can! Take something as simple as turning out your lights. We all turn out our lights, some of us are more anal about it than others and turn out the lights every time we leave a room (yeah, I'm one of those types!). Well, my kids aren't that type and they leave the lights on all day, as well as the TV , the stereo and whatever else they have electronic that they used for five minutes or so. Great! Do you know what it costs you when you leave your lights on all day long? The Energy costs? The cost of the light bulb?

What if you could press just one button as you leave your house for the day and it turned off all of your you think this would save energy, and possibly save money? Of course it would. This is automation, and this is reality in alot of homes. and this helps to Makes Life Simple.

So, my posts will be about these types of capabilities, discussions of different solutions our clients are recommending, as well as news about new features and capabilities that are being introduced in the world of automation.

Looking forward to educating you on Home Automation!